Catering offer Nazad na početnu

Hello, we are able to provide you with 3 (three) types of menus on a “buffet” as follows:

Menu I 17.00 KM without taxes, which includes 8 pieces. canapés per person over the next 6 (six) types:

-sausage on a crispy toast with cheese and herbs -homemade fresh tuna pate -roll of tortillas with chicken -ham on rocket -rings chicken on polenta with gorgonzola sauce -lobster salad

Menu II 19.50 KM without taxes which includes Menu I, and dessert program:

-Baked apples in caramel and cinnamon -Japanese pear on rice pudding -Tiramisu cream with crunchy Biscuits -Chocolate cake with marinated berries -Arranged, carved – decorated with fruit

Menu III 22.00 KM without taxes- which includes a Menu I +Menu  II and

Canapes with seafood: -Tartar of smoked trout -Tuna avocado cream with mandarin -Marinated squid on polenta with rosemary Note: The above amount does not include prices of beverages, INVENTORY AND THE ACCOMPANYING SERVICES waiter! If you have any questions please contact us. Contact: Dejan Maric mob. 066 / 803-999 Slaven Jeličić mob. 065 / 584-484

Nazad na početnu

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